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Unfiltered | March 1, 2016

Guest: Yes, do you have a cocktail menu?

Me: Unfortunately ma’am we don’t but I’m more than happy to make a few suggestions.

Guest: Well do you KNOW what you have?

Me: Yes ma’am. What kind of drinks do you like?

Guest: Um… fruity?

Me: Okay, Rum Runner, Mai Tai, Blue Hawaiian, Tequila Sunrise… *waiting for a response*

Guest: Um….so a Tequila Sunrise? What does that have in it?

Me: Grenadine and Orange Juice.

Guest: Okay. But the Tequila Sunrise, it doesn’t have rum in it does it?

Me: …..No….it has tequila in it…

Meanwhile the rest of her table is laughing at her while she tries to figure out why. At this point, I have to just walk a away for a moment to avoid laughing at her, too.