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Unfiltered | October 29, 2015

I work at the customer service desk. A customer comes in with his son, hands me a gift receipt and a toy. I scan the receipt and the UPC to find that the item isn’t something we sell.

Me: I’m sorry Sir. We don’t sell this product.

Customer: That’s okay. I’ll just take store credit.

Me: I can’t do that, we don’t carry this product.

Customer: But I have a receipt.

I double check the items on the receipt.

Me: Sir, this is for a Matchbox car. Not this toy. Because we don’t sell this toy, I can’t return in.

Customer: Why can’t you just return it, I’m fine with store credit.

After explaining the same thing over again an additional 5 times, the customer finally leaves the desk, grumbling as he walks into the store.