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Rochester, NY, USA | Unfiltered | June 29, 2016

(I’ve just arrived home with some shopping, including some chips and dip for the Super Bowl. I also have some feminine hygiene products in another bag.)

Me: Hey, don’t eat the chips, they’re for the game tomorrow.

Step-dad: What chips?

(He immediately goes right for the tampon bag.)

Me: No, not that one!

Step-dad: Gah!

(He drops the bag back on the counter.)

Step-dad: Get that off the counter.

(Later, after dinner.)

Step-dad: *pointing to bag* Is that still your feminine hygiene products?

Me: Yeah.

Step-dad: Let’s get a picture of you two together because they seem to be part of the family now.

Me: Oh, come on!

(He goes on a hunt through the house to find his phone, but he ends up using the camera instead.)

Step-dad: Let’s go!

Me: Fine! *picks up box with a giant grin plastered on my face*

Step-dad: OK! *he tries to take the picture* Battery low? Look, your picture with your feminine hygiene product broke the camera!

Me: Oh, for the love of God.

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