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Unfiltered | August 17, 2017

I teach a class of 12th grade students who are less than 6 weeks from graduation at this point. One of them has a large cup of soda on his desk from a fast-food restaurant. As I’m watching from across the room, he knocks it over, the lid comes off, and ice and liquid get all over his desk and the floor. All three students in the group avoid eye contact with me and stare at the growing puddle of liquid. I continue staring at them because I’m waiting for one of them to ask for paper towels or even look like he’s thinking about cleaning up the mess. Finally, I realize that another student is also watching me stare at the students and she knows why. I look right at her and silently mouth, “What the f***?”

She completely lost it and had to spend 5 minutes recovering from her laughter.

The three kids who spilled the drink still didn’t realize that I was looking at them and knew what had happened.

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