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(I’m buying yogurt for a no-bake pie recipe when an older man addresses me.)

Man: That’s why I can’t stand you teenage girls.

(I’m not a teenager, and try to ignore him, but he just goes on in a louder tone of voice.)

Man: You eat nothing but yogurt, and I bet you’re going to vomit it up later, aren’t you? You just want to be some gold-digging bimbo trophy wife! Why not do something for your brain instead of your body? Useless self-absorbed teenage-

(I have what I need, so I go to leave.)

Me: I’m a college student, and these are for a pie.

Man: *without missing a beat* And that’s why you’re such a lardass! You should buy a gym membership instead of stuffing your face!

(He kept ranting as I walked away. At least the pie turned out good enough to cheer me up after that.)

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