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(Although my best friend and I live in the same building, we don’t see that much of each other on account that we’re both busy with school and such. She has invited me up for dinner, along with her twin sister who lives on the other side of town. There has been some trouble with the metro lately, such as blackouts and cable fires, which has caused some delays and changes to the lines. Line 5 is the only metro that services our station. We can see the station from my friend’s kitchen.)

Me: “Looks like the metro has stopped. Another blackout on the line, maybe?”

(Just then, my friend gets a call from her sister.)

Sister: “Something has happened, the metro isn’t going.”

(I’m already checking the metro’s app.)

Friend: “Which station are you on right now?”

Sister: “I’m at [station five stops away], what do I do?”

Me: “The app says they’re getting replacement buses, but you could always take the regular bus too.”

Friend: “Yeah, you can take the 22 or 25 bus, that will take you to [bus stop].”

(We hang up after she found her stop, only to find a message from my friend’s boyfriend, who presumably is stuck himself:)

Friend’s BF: “[Sister] might be a little late, as the metro is stopped.”

Friend’s reply: “Yes, thank you, we already know.”

Friend to me: “And know we know the reason why I usually visit her, and not the other way around.”

(We go back to what we were doing, and eventually get another call from my friend’s sister. She is a little lost after getting off the bus, so we have to explain, yet again, where to go.)

Friend: “Don’t cross the road, take the footpath that leads to the metro station.”

Sister: “I think I went the wrong way, I’m not on a footpath! I didn’t cross the street, and I’m going along a main road.”

Me: “You weren’t supposed to cross the street, and if you’re on [street #1], you’re fine. Alternatively, just follow the mass of students.”

(She arrives shortly after, and after checking online news and the police’s twitter, we learn that the stop was due to and accident at the next stop over. The metro starts running again just in time for the sister to go home, but trouble starts up again fairly soon.)

Friend: (getting a phone call) Uh, oh, I think [sister] is in trouble again.”

Sister: “I think I went on the wrong metro!”

(Both my friend and I facepalm.)

Friend: “How could you have gotten on the wrong metro. there’s only one choice here!”

Sister: “But it said [destination], not [regular destination], so I got off. I’m at [next station over].”

Friend: “If you thought you were on the wrong metro, you could at least have waited a bit more that one stop, especially considering there isn’t another line on the track for four more stops. The next one will be there in ten minutes, just get on it and don’t worry. *to me after hanging up*: and she wanted to leave early so she could catch the bus at [part of town].”

(She calls back shortly after, after having gotten on the metro and had to get off one station earlier than planned, as they’re doing some work in the tunnel by that station.”

Friend: “So, you’re walking from the University to [part of town]?”

Sister: “Yeah, I’m on [street #2], am I going the right way?”

(My friend looks at me, since I used to live in that part of town.)

Me: “Yeah, [street #2] takes you directly to [street #3], which is parallel to the metro track.”

Sister: “Oh, I see the metro track. Thank you. I thought I was going the right way, but I wanted to make sure. Also, it’s pretty dark here, so it’s a little scary to go alone.”

(She hangs up, and my friend looks at me.)

Friend: “Again, this is why she almost never visits.”

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