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My husband and I were searching for regular babysitters for our children – 7 year old fraternal opposite gender twins and 3 year old daughter, that would pick them up after school and preschool until we come home from work. We had had several misses so far, mostly due to not getting along with the children or minor stuff. Outside of the babysitter in this story, the oddest one we had to deal with was a kindly elderly Chinese woman who spoke very little English, couldn’t drive, lived with her son and grandchildren who were about our kids age, and whose husband had made a lot of money in real estate before he died making us wonder why she wanted a job she obviously wasn’t qualified for or needed. and couldn’t drive.
This new babysitter seemed promising, so she was at our house to meet the kids. She was asking them questions while they showed off their toys. She was very polite and well mannered and soft spoken, and the kids seemed to like her. She was asking mostly boring questions, and she seemed quite amused that the twins acted a lot like identical twins (best friends, finishing each-others sentences, pulling pranks, looking similar but dressing very dissimilarly, etc.) despite being opposite gender fraternal twins. She asked the very generic (and boring) question of my son, “What would you like to do when you grow up?”.
My son responded enthusiastically with “Doctor!”
The woman suddenly flipped out and started yelling. “No! Don’t ever be a doctor! Medicines a scam. You know what they do at hospitals? They don’t want to save you! They just want your money! We had better medical services in the 1500s than we do today! Doctors are all evil, looking to – wait – why are you crying? What are you, some sort of pansy?”
His twin sister looked up at him and said very icily “His friend’s been going to the hospital a lot recently. Because he has cancer.”
Any saner person by now might realize that this might be a good time to leave, but this woman is not saner (in fact, it is quite impossible to be saner than oneself. I have tried and failed on numerous occasions).
“Cancer, huh? Thats another thing I -”
My husband had gone around and hugged my son and was comforting him. He interrupted her now.
“I do believe, my friend, that you have said enough.” He had a huge smile on his face, but when he spoke his voice was quiet, calm, and cold. “I think, perhaps it might be time you leave my house?”
The woman stood there silently. My husband turned to our older daughter. “[Daughter], would you kindly show this ‘lady’ the door?”
My daughter very roughly showed her the exit, and my husband and I rewarded her and everyone else with cake for having to go through that whole ordeal. (My son’s friend is doing better now, his cancer went into remission a few months after this happened.)

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