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I work at the front desk of a hotel. When guests check in, the law requires that they fill in a form with some personal information. A man and a woman walk in and come up to the front desk to check in.

Man: I’d like to check in. The booking is under the name Patrick.

We usually search for bookings by last name, so I check.

Me: Is that the last name? I’m not finding a reservation with that name.

Man: No, that’s my first name. My last name is “Name”.

I find the booking and hand over the form, explaining that I need him to fill out sections 1-5 (while pointing at the correct places to fill out), and then sign.

He writes “1-5” in the address box, signs it, and hands it over. I point out that’s not what is required, explain again while the woman rolls her eyes at him, and he finally gets it.
I retreat to the back office to scream silently.

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