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It is the day of one of my relatives confirmation. My family is going to the church to see it. My father has put on the shoes he got married in 20 years ago, never worn after that. He is the godfather of said relative and has to participate in the ceremony, so I guess he wanted to put on the nicest clothes and shoes he has.
We drive to the church, get out of the car. I immediately notice my father is acting a little strange. When we go to the church, he goes few steps in and not futher. I ask him about it, but get no reply, only a suhgestiin that I should go sit down. Finally when everybody else has entered the church he comes inside and sits with us.
After the ceremony when we are going to the home of my parents goddaughter, he shows us the bottom of his shoes, or what is left of them. All the rubbery material on the bottom has gone bad in 20 years and has the texture and hardness of a bread. He tells us that when we were walking to the church, he felt stones sticking to the bottom of his shoes and when he tried to kick them away, his whole heel went flying somewhere! At the church when he walked he shed stones and rubber everywhere, so he stayed on top of the entrance mat, trying to clean his shoes, resulting shedding the whole bottom off. And like that he had to kneel in front of the altar, bottom of his shoes showing.

Father of the goddaughter lent him a pair of his shoes, but my fathers now in million pieces shoes were the common joke at the party.

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