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My parents’ friends invited us to go on a vacation with them at a luxury resort. They’re paying for the condo unit, food, entrance and transportation. My parents insisted to pay for the rides.

We were at a thrift market/mall, as every other person not rich enough to actually afford luxurious good, and my mom saw some blouses she likes. The owner was selling everything 3 for 1000 philippines pesos so about 21 USD / 7 USD each. I picked up a yellow shirt and blue pants while my mo was still choosing between a plain dark green swester and a hideous assymetrical shirt.

MOM: Doesn’t this look nice? *holds up assymetrical shirt*

ME: I don’t like it.

MOM: I’ll wear it.

ME: Oh yeah, I can see it now. It will look good on you since you’re both vintage.

MOM: Vintage?

ME: I dress old, you’re vintage and Nanay (Grandma) is Ancient.

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