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(All my life, doctors have been saying this:)
Doctor: “IV iron shouldn’t hurt your stomach! It’s just a little supplement. You need to endure whatever /minor/ issues you’re having because you’re so anemic.”
(When I turned 18, I immediately switched doctors. He said this in our first meeting:)
Doctor: “Oh, yeah- IV iron is well known for causing stomach problems. I can’t believe they’d prescribe it for someone with digestive issues, no matter how anemic they were. Blood transfusions are much more preferred. Have you switched your diet to a high iron one?”
Me: “The IV iron- and even the iron tablets- made me too nauseous to eat heavy meals.”
Doctor: *long pause* “…I don’t think you have an anemia problem. I think you have a nausea problem. Stop all the medications and see me in a month.”
(Guess what? My blood count jumped high when I was actually able to eat real food! We still need to do something about my inefficient digestive system, but I feel better than I did throughout my entire childhood.)

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