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I work for a hotel as front desk during the day. One morning, I’m at the front desk doing my usual job when a woman comes down and complains about her stay. she complains the room was too cold and that the night shift person had to give her 2 blankets so she wouldn’t freeze to death. on top of that, there was no hair dryer in her room. I’ve been at the desk all morning and she hadn’t called down asking for one. But, I give the benefit of doubt and asked if she had called down to see if she could get one delivered.
To no ones surprise, she says no, and I quickly glance at the computer and realize she booked through a 3rd party, so, I can’t offer her extra points or any of our usual rewards. So, I tell her that she can call a manager on Monday with her complaints. She said she’s going to and that someone, whether it be us or the third party, was going to have to reimburse her.

I shrugged it off. until, she called the hotel 20 minutes later with her complaint. I repeated my spiel of there’s no GM or Sales manager on site and that I’m technically the designated manager but have no control of reimbursement processes. She accepts this, staying on the line for a few additional minutes to complain.

An hour later, she calls again and I repeat the same spiel and tell her that nothing can be resolved until Monday.

She proceeded to call three more times before finally getting the hint. The night auditor said that he had bent over backwards trying to please her, by giving her hot chocolate and a few extra blankets, as well as a treat from our convenience store. The GM said that there wasn’t much they were going to do since she didn’t book directly with us. So, moral of the story? be careful booking through 3rd party sites I guess.

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