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, | Unfiltered | February 2, 2022

I began to go grey when I was 19 (thanks, dad). After I retired, I stopped coloring my hair, and in a few short months was walking around with a snow white head of hair at the age of 60. Like a lot of people, my mental image of myself hasn’t really changed, and I still think of myself as being young.

After retirement I also got a rescue German shepherd and began training him as a therapy dog. As part of the training, he needs to get used to being around a lot of strangers, and so I take him everywhere that allows animals.

One morning I am standing in line at the post office, Buddy sitting obediently at my feet, when I hear a little voice say excitedly “Look mommy! That grandma has a puppy!”

<i>Eheu, fugaces.</i>

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