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I was working a long shift and my coworkers and I decided to order food at the food court. We send one person who isn’t busy to go. After writing a food list, and collecting everyone’s payments, I go up to the food court. The cashier glares at me as I bring a paper out of my pocket. The cashier is Italian and I am American. I learned some basic Italian and the cashier knows English.

Me: *Cheery voice* “Ciao! (Hello) I would like to order multiple sandwiches.”

Cashier: “How are you paying for it?” *Eyeing the list in front of me with everyone’s orders*

Me: “I have one debit card per order. I have seven orders.”

Cashier: *Rolls eyes and outwardly groans* “What is the first order?”

Me: *Trying to remain cheerful* “The first order is a bacon, egg, and cheese on muffin.”

Cashier: *Types order into computer and the receipt prints.”

Me: *Goes to pay with the first card*

Cashier: “Next.” *Sounds impatient as she hands me the receipt*

Me: *Takes a second to record the order number on the receipt next to the name of the person the order belongs to on my food list*

Cashier: “Next order.”

Me: “Next order is two bacon, egg, and cheese on toast. Extra bacon on both, please.”

Cashier: *Does the same thing with putting in the order and printing the receipt*

The whole time the cashier is impatient with me recording the numbers after I get the receipt. This leads to her rushing me through the remaining orders and I take my time so I don’t make a mistake. No one is behind me in line.

Cashier: “Finished?”

Me: “Yes, finished. Thank you.”

Cashier: *Proceeds to continue with a customer who shows up near the end of my many orders.”

When there’s a moment where there were no customers I can see the cashier talking to her coworkers in Italian. I can also see her glance over at me from time to time. So I suspected she was talking about me. I grab all the orders when they come out and then go to a nearby table to sort the takeout boxes and number them. This way I can easily distribute the right boxes to the right coworkers.

Me: “Ciao, grazie! (Goodbye, thank you!)”

Cashier: *Small smile that seemed a bit forced.”

I wish she didn’t have to rush me. This happens to my coworkers too whenever we have large orders. I wish she had a bit more patience with us when we go there almost every morning.

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