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Most of my family members have never had a problem with their weight. As a child and as a teenager, I was noticeably skinny, but as I got older I began to put on weight. This continued throughout my twenties and thirties, until I reached my current age and size: thirty-nine and a bit chubby.

While it would be nice to attain the svelte dimensions of my youth, I am happy with my body (and so is my husband, I might add). I am healthy; I am nimble and sprightly; I often dance by myself just for the joy of it without getting out of breath.

Unfortunately, my mother seems to have a bit of a bee in her bonnet about my weight. Whenever we go out to eat with family, she always makes a hoo-hah about things, while giving me, in particular, pointed looks.

If we order a starter (and she usually orders one herself):

Mum: “Oh, this is a meal on its own for me! I couldn’t possibly eat the whole thing!”

During the main course, I’m treated to at least one verse of:

Mum: “Gosh, I’m so full! I don’t know how anyone could eat all this!”

And if some of us order pudding, she’ll find an ingredient in it to mention, of course:

Mum: “Cheese is very fattening, you know. You should only eat one piece the size of a matchbox a day.”
Mum: “Did you know chocolate can be good for you? But only if it’s dark chocolate. And you’re only supposed to eat it in moderation.”
Mum: “Gosh, that looks lovely, look at all those lovely raspberries! Shame about the cream. Meringue’s all sugar, you know.” (Yeah, no kidding, mum).

Props to my ex brother-in-law, who I think had overheard one too many of my mum’s comments last time we ate together:

Ex Brother-In-Law: “This is delicious! You know, I always think it’s better to enjoy food while you’re alive. This sauce is incredible.”

He said it really casually, but there’s been a definite decrease in annoying comments from my mum since then. If she does ever make such a comment, I’ve taken to agreeing with her, then making a positive comment about my next bite of food. So it might go something like:

Mum: “Well, I’m glad I didn’t order what you did, [me]. That looks too much for me!”
Me: “Yes, it’s not for everyone. It’s absolutely delicious, though. I’m really enjoyng it!”

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