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I used to work as a training front desk manager for select service <major hotel chain> hotel. I was employee of the month several times, I had several positive guest surveys mentioning me, and generally, all of my mananagers loved me. I was 3 classes away from my hospitality management degree, working towards a promotion. One day, our operations manager (one step above the position I was training for) told us it was her last day, we had a small party. Etc. I logically assumed that since she was leaving, that maybe I was getting her position.

A few days later, a new manager shows up, and I can tell she immediatly has it out for me. As I take my job very seriously, I tend to “train” new people, no matter their role, as to our property specific criteria. While you may have already been said position at another property, you haven’t dealt with our customers. (a lot of repeats, etc) and how we specifically do things (every hotel is different, obviously). I’m usually very polite about it, but I’m also the longest running enployee here outside of a few housekeepers and the general manager, who’s been here for over 2 years.

This manager does not like me at all. She constantly cuts me off in front of guests to make me look dumb, she constantly forgets key points that screw paperwork up (such as documenting when we moved guests and which room they went from/to), she constantly is looking for ways for me to mess up. I’m not sure if she feels I’m a threat or what, but needless to say, I get offered a management position with another hotel in the same brand.

I start telling a lot of my guests (who I know because I always deal with them) that I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks, and a lot of them are happy and congratulate me. One of the sports teams in house also notices how well I do my job, and ask if I’ll be there when they come back in a month, and I explained that I got a promotion. Cue the idiots asking for free stuff. One of the coaches now starts harassing me asking me to take nights off of his stay for him several times, to which I reply “no” each time and that there’s no reason to. He throws the gem “What are they gonna do, fire you?”

Yes. Yes they would. That’s theft, my man.

Anyway, he eventually apologizes, and asks for my work email so he can send in a servey thanking me for my hard work. I check my email, and I get the message “Hey man, was good seeing you. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m all set to throw in this awesome survey, but you have to do me a favor and take 2 nights off of my stay. You the best, Coach <his name>”

I immediately got my manager involved, as this was now quid pro quo harassment, even if it wasn’t sexual. I talk with my manager, who then proceeds to blame me for being harassed because I told this guest I was leaving, and then when I called her out on it, she denied it (even tho I have the text messages to prove it)

I went to HR over it, and stupidly, finished out my 2 weeks.

I went back in a few days ago to see thw hotel, as it had been completly remodled recently, and found out that manager isn’t there anymore. She got fired about a week after I left.

No shocker.

I thought about reapplying, but if they’re just gonna continue to give me the runaround, it’s not worth it.

Employers, if someone shows initiative, don’t push them out the door.

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