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While working at a new job, I met a guy who I felt I had a great connection with. He felt a connection too, but thought it was love at first sight… I did not. He would ask me out a lot, and I would always say “no” as I never felt that way about him. Over the course of a year, I dated other guys, and he stayed single; despite this, he and I become very close friends. I had tried to set him up with a few people, but he always said he wasn’t interested in them.
After a couple of failed relationships, I decided to give him a chance. It seemed to work well as he seemed very happy for me to be his girlfriend and I felt he was my best friend.
After close to a year, we are basically inseparable and have a seemingly great relationship. I then end up having a miscarriage not knowing that I was carrying. I tell him, and he then ignores and avoids me for a couple of weeks.
I am completely distressed as I need his support right now but can’t get him to answer even a text message. I talk to one of my close work friends; she is someone I trust and I had previously tried to set up with him and both said they didn’t like each other like that. She was now in relationship with a guy she had gone to high school with.

Me: “I’m just so depressed right now; we’ve always been so close and he won’t even talk to me. Has he said anything to you about the miscarriage or anything?”

Friend: “He was at my place last night, but we didn’t really talk. I mean we hooked up, but that’s it.”

Me in shock: “… why… why would you do that? He and I…”

Her: “He said you weren’t together anymore, and I was bored. [Her boyfriend] and I have been fighting lately.”

Me: “He never even said anything to me… wait. You said you didn’t like him?!”

Her: “Oh. Well I was bored.”

I walked away in shock and deleted her and him from my social medias. Neither he nor her tried to contact me. About a month later, I ran into him:
Him: “Hey. I haven’t seen you in a while. I miss you. We should catch up at your place, you know? *wink*”

Me: “We haven’t talked in weeks, and you cheated on me, why would want to spend time with you let alone have sex with you? What about [girl he cheated on me with]”

Him: “It didn’t mean anything, me and her. And we should get together for old times sake.”

After rejecting his “offer” he then blocked me and any mutual friends we had on social media.
What hurts the most is that I lost my best friend who had always seemed dedicated to me and our relationship. Screw that girl though: backstabbing, two faced monster. That really messed me up, and years later, I haven’t been able to trust enough to have a healthy relationship.

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