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So, this one mom and her two kids came to my cash lane, and already it was an adventure.

Despite there still being a health crisis, NEITHER OF THEM were wearing masks.

The mom allowed her son to climb on top of the nearby ice cream freezer just so she could get groceries out her cart (and there was A LOT, over hundred dollars worth, as expected with this pandemic).

She even allowed her kids to munch on the produce they HAVEN’T even bought yet at the time. Roll out the extra grocery bags… (and again, the pandemic still going on by the time I write this)

Still, I had to let the transaction go as normal, but as soon as they were almost done, I had to shut down and do a major disinfection run, from register to ice cream freezer door. And as soon as I re-opened the register, the following customer, who did wear a mask, would admit to me that she was positive for the virus during December after I explained the situation. And while that made me feel a bit better… still, it was the most disgusting transaction I have worked with SO FAR…

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