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(Every summer, the vet where I work employs some high school kids, often as their very first job. They often have some… interesting… questions and ideas. On this occasion, I’ve got one of the newbies helping me clean a dog’s feet after a walk.)

Newbie: So, this dog’s related to [Other Dog], right?

Me: They’re both English Bulldogs, but probably not siblings or anything like that.

Newbie: But, they’re <i>related</i>, right?

Me: Uh, what do you mean?

Newbie: They have the same owner, right?

Me: No, no they don’t.

(Newbie stares at me blankly.)

Me: [Other Dog] and [Different Breed Puppy] belong to [Vet], [This Dog] belongs to a client.

(Newbie was quiet and confused until we finished. When I told this story to our supervisor, she told me that the Newbie’s rich family only ever owned [Fancy Breed] dogs, and was probably surprised that other owners weren’t specialists, too!)

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