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I work in a call center for a large cellular company. Right before this call, our main system that we use to process literally everything had gone through a major update and was just released for all users to login to. This means thousands of employees were attempting to login at once. The system was working, but understandably running slow. Then, I got a call from an older gentleman.

Me: Hi, thanks for calling Company. This is Name, how can I help you?
Customer: Uhhh yeah, I’m wondering if you can help. I forgot the last 4 digits of my phone number. The first part is 123-456, but I cant remember the rest. This is for a prepaid account.
Me: Oh, no problem at all! Can I get your name so I can look your account up?
Customer: it’s Customer.
Me: Thanks! Now I do want to let you know our system just went through a major update designed to make things run better. The update just got released within the last 10 minutes, so things are just running a bit slow.
Customer: that’s fine.

At this point, I searched by his name and no accounts pulled up. It is important to note, our account would still show his account if it was disconnected. Same with phone numbers. If a phone number was ever in our system, it’s going to show up under archived numbers.

Me: Sir, I don’t see your name listed under our system. I can search all of our prepaid accounts and see if pulls up, but that can take a while.
Customer: Yeah, I guess.

*a few minutes later, as our account attempts to pull up what has to be tens of thousands of accounts*

Customer: This is ridiculous. It shouldn’t be this hard.
Me: I apologize sir. I’m just-
Customer: Oh! I just remembered it. The last 4 digits are 1234. Right?

I type in the full phone number he gives me. Nothing pulls up, even for disabled accounts.

Me: I’m sorry sir, I’m not seeing that number in my records. If you’d like, I can keep looking and call you back so you dont have to wait.
Customer: No, I’m sure that’s it.
Me: Our system isnt showing that as a phone

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