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An older woman came in to the garden center where I work, and had one of our loaders page for help by the irrigation aisle. As it was a slow time of year, and thus we were low on staff I decided to give it a shot. She asked if I was a manager, and I when I answered yes and asked if I could help, she made it clear that I couldn’t. I’m a little used to this, since I know I look about ten years younger than I am and female, but then she insisted she needed someone sho understood her problem. However, being the live goods manager, I conceded, and called the hard goods manager, who is about my age and also female.

She then proceeded to refuse my coworker’s help. She insisted she needed to see an old man who could help her. We were a little confused, as our general manager is middle aged and has a cult of older women who always want to ask his advice. However, my coworker offered again, saying again that we do work there ann’s could answer any questions, and when the lady insisted she needed to see an old man, my coworker said we didn’t have any old men working there. She walked out in a huff.

Afterward, the leader that had originally paged us said that the lady had first asked the cashier’s age (18), then his (19). She said he was too young, and needed someone older to tell her if the water in her basement was from her hose.

I guess we couldn’t answer any of her questions, considering we’re a retail store, not contractors, and have never seen the plumbing or foundation of her house.

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