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(For my job, we fill online orders, then we call customers to let them know it’s ready to pickup. If a customer calls us back, but the person who was filling their order has left, everyone else in the department can look up the order and review it for the customer. This happened at the end of the day, when I am by myself. I’m trying to stay busy until it is time for me to leave when the phone rings.)
Me: (Store, Department). This is (My name), how can I help you?
Customer: (too quiet to understand).
Me: Hello?
Customer (still too quiet to understand).
Me: Hello? Can I get your name?
Customer: Um…. is (Coworker 1) there?
Me: No, he’s gone for the day.
Customer: Oh, what about (Coworker 2)?
Me: She’s also gone. This is (My name).
Customer: Oh. I’ll call back later. (Hangs up.)
(I’ve spoken with this customer a few times on the phone before, but I’ve never been able to get her name.)