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The store had just opened for the day, about a half hour in, a man comes up with a hand full of items. The transaction goes as follows.

Me: -starts scanning items- Did you find everything alright?
Customer: There’s a lot of stuff in here.
Me: Yea, we try to rotate our stock a lot, so you never know what we’ll have.
Customer: I hate to complain, but you just put a chemical in with my toothbrush.
Me: Sorry about that, I’ll rebag it. -remove the toothbrush, put in toilet brush and envelopes-
Customer: Well, this is my first time shopping here, and it’ll certainly be my last.
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way, sir.
Customer: -grabs cleaning product, puts it in a bag by itself, then double-bags it, reaching past the register- Chemicals go in their own bag.
At this point, I’m kind of just staring at the guy, and get him checked out as quick as I could, then wish him a nice day.

The next two customers, who’d heard what happened, apologized, and said that the customer was being unreasonable. I ended up talking to a customer about karma, and it made my day a bit brighter in the end.