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(I’m at an amusement park. I am on line for a type of ride where you are in a dark enclosed space that spins around. I see a woman yelling at an employee).

Woman: “My phone fell down somewhere in that ride! You better go find it!”

Employee: “Ma’am, the ride is currently in session. I’ll have to notify my manager before I can close off the ride entirely and have it searched.”

Woman: “No, you need to stop the ride right now, get in there with a flashlight, and search for my phone!”

Employee: “I don’t have the authority to do that. If you would please just let me call my manager-”

Woman (literally screaming at this point): If you don’t do what I say I swear I will have you fired! Do you understand me? FIRED!” You’re fired!”

Friend: “Wow, she and Donald Trump would get along.”

Me: “Someone should build a wall around her.”

(It wasn’t the employee’s fault that the woman lost her phone… Poor guy!)

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