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(The Store I’m working at has only recently gotten the chip readers working, that means that unless customers have regular non chip debit cards they can no longer choose “credit” as an option if they forget/don’t want to use their pins and are required to use a pin. Now i can completely understand the issue of using pins/chip cards and their safety issues but there isn’t much i can do unless they have other methods of payment like an actual credit cards or cash. )

( A Husband, his wife and kid come up to the register to buy a few misc. things, everything goes well until we get to the payment section of the transaction. )

Me: That will be [Total], if you have a chip card you can insert and follow the prompts.

Husband: (Proceeds to follow the prompts until the machine asks him the type of debit card he’s using, picking one it asks for a pin) Is there a option to run the card as credit?

(At this point i double check the corner of his card, is say Debit and since it chip there isn’t anything i can do. )

Me: I’m Sorry but since the card is a debit chip card the machine will only take it as such and require a pin.

Husband: I don’t want to put in my pin, people can steal my information and stuff. I Want to charge it as a credit.

(At this point he pretty much throwing a small fit, wife and kid just standing by looking on as i try to find another way to solve the problem)

Me: I’m sorry again but since you’re using a chip debit card it going to run it as a debit card and will require a pin, but if you have any other methods of payment like and actual credit card or cash i can take those instead.

Husband: My Card is A MasterCard so it should work as a credit, I want to run it as a credit. See (points to his card) its a MA-ST-ER CA-RD! People can hack these machines and take the pins. I want to Run it as Credit!

( At this point the husband is just not listening and there a bit of back of forth of me explaining and asking for other methods of payment as the line is getting towards the back of the store.)

(After the 6th time of explaining everything to the Husband)

Me: I am sorry and I do understand you want to be safe but unless you have ANY Other methods of payment like AN CREDIT CARD OR CASH then you will have to put in your pin and continue the prompts. I can even put your items on hold if you need to go get another method of payment.

(At this point the husband cancels the whole transaction and leaves with his wife and kid, complaining on the way out about people stealing his pin and information. Thing is if he was really worry about his information and pins getting stolen why]was he using credit/debit cards in the first place. I don’t understand why he isn’t just plain out using cash for most if not all of his purchases, and on a total under 10 dollars no less.)