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I work at Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant. We have two items on the menu that end with ‘katsu’, though they’re two different meats.

Customer: “I’ll take the number one.”

Me: “That has two choices of meat, what would you like?”

Customer: “I’ll have the chicken and… what’s that?” *points to chicken katsu*

Me: “That’s a fried chicken cutlet, and tonkatsu is a fried pork cutlet.”

Customer: “Okay I’ll have the chicken and the katsu.”

He’s finished speaking and after a beat I realise he’s not going to specify which kind.

Me: “…which one?”

Customer: “The CHICKEN katsu.”

The transaction finishes normally (honestly I was surprised he didn’t throw his money on the counter with his attitude) but my goodness, if you can’t specify what you want don’t be prissy when you have to clarify afterwards. Service workers aren’t mind readers!