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I work at an insurance broker, we offer different insurances from different insurance companies.

When it come to car insurances I am the resident expert. The following is a conversation and constant source of irritation that happens a lot when people that have more than one car buy a new one, and sell/trash the old one.

Customer: Hello, I am buying a new car and need to get a license.

Me: Ok, what is your policy number?

Customer: I don’t know, I’m not at home right now.

Me: No problem, which one of your cars is it?

Customer: It’s the (Manufacturer of Car, which for me is buried somewhere in the documentation of the policy and not easily visible).

Me: No, I meant, what’s your license number? (Which is visible in the list of cars for me)

Customer: I don’t know, it’s the (repeats Manufacturer of Car).

Me (after successfully sorting things out with them, after hanging up.): You’re selling your car and don’t know which one?