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I was working at Tim Horton’s at around 7:00PM one night, it was pretty slow and a lot of the doughnuts had been sold. Quite a few of them we were sold out of. One man comes in and I take his order. I put in two old fashioned plain doughnuts, a honey cruller doughnut and a coffee. I make the coffee and then grab his honey cruller. That’s when I notice that we don’t have any old fashioned plain doughnuts. I turn to my coworker and ask if we have any more old fashioned plain doughnuts.
Coworker:Didn’t he want Timbits?
I turn to the customer
Me: Sorry, did you wnat two plain Timbits?
Customer: Yes. Two old fashioned plain Timbits.
I put two Timbits in the bag, handed it to him, and called over my supervisor so she could refund him for the doughnuts. She comes over and starts the refund while starting a conversation with the customer. I look up and I see the customer had turned around and started walking out the door. All three of us just stare at him in surprise. I think we all waited to see if each other would call him back. Since none of us spoke up he just walked out the door. We all turn to each other.
Me: I thought he order doughnuts but he wanted Timbits. I guess he didn’t notice that I charged him for doughnuts.
Supervisor: Oh well. More tips for us then.
Coworker: Sucks to be him.
My supervisor goes through the refund and puts the voided receipt in the resister. After she walks away I notice there is another receipt left in the printer. I give it to her.
Me: Did you mean to print another receipt?
Supervisor: No…*Looks at it* Oh, it’s a guest copy. It’s printed for when the customer actually stays to get their refund.
I felt pretty bad that this guy just spent $1.60 on nothing. I just don’t get how he didn’t notice the higher price, the order, or the supervisor talking to him about a refund.

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