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(I work at a laser tag center, where we do parties and the like. A group of rowdy boys shows up for a birthday party, with a girl who looks to be a younger sister of the birthday boy. She seems sweet, girly, and unassuming, registering under the the nickname “Sparkles”. The boys are around 15, while the girl looks 13.)

Boy: Look at the b**** playin’ laser tag, d*** those t**s gonna jiggle when she runs!

Sparkles: Please don’t talk about me that way. It really just makes you sound like a complete idiot.

Boy: D***, she’s callin’ us idiots? Least she’s hot, when we’re done I’ll bang her fat a** in the parking lot.

Brother: Dude, that’s really gross. Don’t talk about my sister that way.

Boy: Whatever. Little b**** still good to f***.

(He continued on like this throughout the entire waiting period. Since the boy wasn’t physically doing anything, we couldn’t interject, but I still felt horrible as I ushered then in to get their gear, and reported the incident to my manager. Later, we were passing out certificates to the participants based on however many people they shot. Guess which sparkly friend got first place, and guess who else got banned from ever playing laser tag at any of our branches?)