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(At the restaurant where I work, our kid’s meals have a token on the bag you can exchange for dessert. One of our regulars came almost every day, and usually ordered the same thing, a kid’s meal, but she had lately been altering her sandwich so much that it would not fit properly in the bags. When she came in, we were supposed to put an empty bag on the tray with her meal.)

Me: *Takes regular’s order and brings it out when it’s ready.*

Regular: *Comes back seconds later looking furious, just as I’m opening a kid’s meal bag for another order* “You didn’t give me my bag!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry about that. Here, I actually have a bag out right now; you can have this one.”

She puts both hands on the counter, leans in over the register, and stares at me for about fifteen uncomfortable seconds, before snatching her bag and returning to her seat. A couple minutes later, she returns to the counter, where she places the tray, dumped out fries, her unwrapped sandwich, and a cup of soda. She tosses the penny I’d given her in change back on the tray, glares at me in silence, and rushes out the door. Other than the soda, she had not touched anything.

She did not come for months after that, but has since returned a few times, usually complaining about the food and being rude to my coworkers.

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