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Working at a pharmacy store is rewarding way to help customers with their questions or assist their needs. However, it can be a big ouch for those that are just bored & very selfish simply because all they want is to feel pity for them. This is my real experience that I recently had with this elderly woman at the dental care section. When she pressed a button for assistance:
Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”
Customer: “I’m looking for the brush replacement of Philips (sonicare) company.”
Me: “We have them here.” (I point to the section where it exactly was.) “Do you know what type of Philips sonicare brush replacement you’re looking for?”
Customer: (Hands me a wrong replacement brush, I put it back.) “You’re no help at all.” (Gives me a retarded, dirty look attitude.)
Me: “Well, I’m sorry for your situation have a nice day, bye.”
Seriously, then there was no point to ask me or others for about it. Customers can be pain in the brain & a**. This person was clearly got more issues than vogue, and I’m pretty sure she never had a one positive life or to be grateful for. These bad or negative customers are not welcome and certainly gives a sick vibe to our staff & good valued customers a toothache!

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