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My best friend and I returning to America after a three-week trip to Morocco. Our connecting flight to Miami, Florida is in Madrid. After getting off the plane from Tangier, we have to go through security again to get into the Madrid airport. Around the same time, an apparently delayed flight gets in from somewhere else. There is a glass door separating the line from the security machines. My friend and I have been waiting for security for a bit as apparently they can’t run through bags without a supervisor.
The lady working has assured us he’ll get there shortly, but apparently this wasn’t enough for an older man in line behind. He walks up to the glass doors, complaining about missing his next flight, and then proceeds to start hitting the doors with his cane very hard. The employee and another man in line manage to talk him down, but as he goes back to his spot in line he yells at the rest of us that “You’re all sheep! I refuse to stand for this! I’ve got a flight to catch! Go on, stand there and be sheep!” My friend and I just sort of gave each other looks, and I muttered something to her about rather being a sheep and not arrested than a jerk like that.
He continued in this manner for the next minute and very nearly had security called on him. That would really have delayed him! Thankfully, the supervisor showed up very soon after the man’s and my friend and I got through security no problem, though we did stop to tell the poor lady working that she was definitely not at fault. I hope the rest of her day was less exciting than that man and his cane.