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, | Unfiltered | June 30, 2020

I’m getting my groceries checked out at the supermarket, the only person in line early in the morning, though there is another elderly woman up front getting lottery tickets at customer service. Suddenly I remember something completely random and silly that happened to me years ago. I begin giggling to myself, trying to get it under control.

Cashier: *gives me a polite, puzzled smile* Ma’am?

Me: *quickly swallowing back laughter* No, no, nothing. Nothing. I just remembered something. It’s stupid. Sorry.

Cashier: *laughs a bit* Haha, okay.

She goes back to scanning my items, but I can’t seem to get a lid on my giggles. I’m not even remembering something particularly hilarious, but you know how it is when you try to stop yourself from laughing at something. The harder I tried to stop, the more I wanted to laugh. Through it all, the cashier is smiling, her shoulders occasionally shaking, and finally, she starts giggling too. That sets me off even worse due to the ridiculousness of it, and soon both of us are laughing out loud at nothing while she scans my groceries. We’re not being particularly loud, and only laugh for a few seconds, but suddenly the little old lady from the counter storms over.

Old Lady: That’s quite enough! You both need to act your age! *angrily jabbing her finger at us* You ought to be embarrassed at the way you’re carrying on! You’re lucky I don’t call your manager!

Me: Call her manager?! Over what?!

Old Lady: You mind your business young lady! And you both stop causing a disturbance or I’ll inform the management!

She storms off angrily. It occurs to me that maybe she thought we were laughing at her, but I can’t think why. I’m not laughing anymore, and a little irritated at her attitude over some harmless silliness. Everything is quiet for a few more seconds as I begin to swipe my card to pay.

Cashier: … *eyes wide, in a low, overly serious voice* … we got in truuuuuuuhhhhbuuuullll…

And that does it. We’re both off and laughing again. At least some people don’t feel the need to set their bad mood on others.

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