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(I’ve worked in many different hotels, and in all of them they have a credit card policy. When a guest checks in, he or she must present ID and the credit card they’ll use to pay to swipe. This is to prevent credit card fraud or identity theft. Many times we get people who want to pay for another’s stay. That person must be present or fill out a special form, called a credit card authorization form.)

Lady: “Checking in, my name’s [Name].”

Me: “ID and credit card please.”

Lady: “Ah, I don’t have a credit card. [Other Name]’s paying for my stay.”

Me: “Did she fill out a credit card authorization form? I don’t see it.”

Lady: “Um, I don’t know. All I know is that she’s paying.”

Me: “Is she here?”

Lady: “No.”

(I explain our policy to her, and she just rolls her eyes and dials up her friend that’s paying. Then she hands me her phone.)

Lady: “Talk.”

(So I talk to her friend and tell her again about our policy, and the friend is NOT happy. She just keeps saying over and over “But I booked it! I paid!”)

Me: “No ma’am, the credit card that you gave was just to hold the room. No charge was taken.”

Friend: “I paid!”

Me: “I’m looking at your account and there’s nothing on it. Nothing was charged. The credit card that you gave was just to hold.”

Friend: “NO! I paid! I gave my credit card number!”

Me: “Again, you didn’t pay…it was just to hold.”

Friend: “But I booked it! I paid!”

Me: *to Lady* “Sorry, but she’s not getting it. I’m not getting through to her.” *hands back phone*

Lady: *to friend* “Yeah, she’s saying that the policy has changed and you need to be here…yeah…” *to me* “She doesn’t want to come all the way down here…please…”

(Even though it was against policy, I agree since the Lady seems desperate and she was just staying one night. Luckily nothing wrong happened after that. But I do wish people would read the Terms and Conditions more carefully…)