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I worked with a patient whom I got along with really well, until a new co-worker came along (we’ll call her E). E screwed up this patient’s scheduling one time and pissed her off, then somehow it got blamed on me and E never owned up so she let me take the blame. I, being the non-confrontational person that I am, did not dispute it and just let it go. Ever since then, this patient has requested that I never schedule anything for her again and to never speak or do anything for her ever again. On this particular day, I was simply going over next door to the doctor’s office she was at to drop off a copy of her imaging CD that the office had requested from us.

Me: *To front desk* Hi, I’d like to drop this CD off. It’s just the [images] of our patient who is seeing Dr. [Name] today.

Front desk: Who is the patient?

Me: It’s for [patient full name], she’s being seen for her [body part] I believe. This is the [imaging CD] for it that you may need. I believe it’s for [body part], well, it’s for her appointment for whatever it may be.

*Note, I was not given any info on what this appointment was for- I was simply dropping of the requested CD*

Front desk: Oh okay we will —

Patient in the background: IT’S FOR A [PROCEDURE]! IT’S FOR A [PROCEDURE]! A [PROCEDURE]!

Me: *To the patient* Oh okay, that’s fine, I’m just dropping off the CD that they may need.

Patient: *Gave me angry look and rolled her eyes dramatically, then looked away with a scowl*

Front desk: Oh okay, we’ll give it to the assistant!

Me: Thanks! *Leaves office*

I’ve tried to be nice to this patient regardless of her previous visits where I had no choice but to be a part of her care and she just scowled at me and ignored me – I usually make people laugh and I have never had complaints from other patients. I tried to joke with her but she continues to be rude and obvious about it. I’m glad I’m starting a new job very soon and will not have to deal with her behavior anymore.