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(I’m ringing up a pay as you go phone card for an older woman. She’s about to leave when she stops to ask me a question:)

Customer: So, I bought one of these before, and it had a scratch on it so, when I called to activate it, they wouldn’t accept it. Can you give me credit for it?

Me: Uh.. Well..

Customer: (cutting me off) How long have you worked here?

Me: .. Three years, but three months in this department. I used to work at the customer service desk.

Customer: So you probably wouldn’t know. That’d be a question for the manager.

Me: Well, since we don’t set up phone accounts, we only sell the products, I don’t think we could do anything. Since we have no way to deal with your account.

Customer: Oh. I didn’t know that.

Me: I would call your phone company and ask them, they should be able to help you.

Customer: Okay! Thanks, I will.