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(I’m working the closing shift. Two older women come through and I scan all their items and start to go into subtotal when one of the women stops me.)

Woman: “These are supposed to be buy one get one free, that didn’t ring up.”

(She points out the buy one get one free stickers on each, looking at me expectantly. Already I know this isn’t right, as I’ve had previous costumers that have bought that brand throughout the week and the doughnuts havent rung up on sale nor have any customers complained. I’m also training for another job in the store where one of the duties is to pull the stickers off items that are no longer on sale.)

Me: “Oh, were they from the back of the shelf?” (Sometimes not all the stickers are taken off boxes in the back of the shelf due to being missed or new boxes being stocked.)

Woman: *huffs* “No.”

(I know the tags for that sale should’ve been pulled off so I go quick check, under the guise of looking for a sign for the sale. Sure enough the boxes of that brand are all shuffled around and messy, and I can even see all the visable boxes have little remnants of the sale tags from last week. I walk back up to my register and see a bit of a line has formed, even with it being late.)

Me: “Looks like those were on sale last week,-” (I start to explain she’ll have to pay full price for now then come back the next day when customer service is open and explain the situation ((which I’d explain as well)) so she can get the discount, but she interrupts me.)

Woman “The tags are there you have to give them to me buy one get one free!”

Me: (not knowing how to execute that on my register) “Ma’am, I’m sorry I’m not trained to do that yet-”

Woman: “Just void it off!”

(I look at my line of waiting customers and do so with an internal sigh, I finish her transaction and write a note for the morning manager about what happened and to have someone double check that brand for sale stickers.)

(I’m pretty sure she and her friend dug through the doughnut display to find two boxes with sale stickers so she could get one free. The kicker, with her store card she already saved almost the entire price of one box anyway…)

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