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Nobody really did anything bad here, this is more a story of a funny coincidence. I was due for a follow-up appointment with my doctor and was waiting on the office to call me to schedule one. Suddenly I hear my cell go off and I answer.

Me: Yo.

The lady on the other end says something I don’t quite hear, but I make out the words of the name of the same place I got treated last, so I figure she’s calling to schedule me.

Me: Yes.

Lady on the other end: Yes I’m calling to make an appointment.

Me: Sure.

Lady: I need to come in for (health problem) I…

Me: Oh I’m sorry m’am are you calling to schedule an appointment for yourself?

Lady: Yes.

Me: Oh I’m sorry I’m actually waiting on (name of place of treatment) to call and make an appointment with ME. I’m not them I’m just some guy. Sorry.

Lady: Oh okay. *hangs up*

The thought occurred afterward that I must’ve sounded maddeningly unprofessional before I informed her I wasn’t the appointment line.

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