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(One evening, things are getting quiet due to the hour. Two men enter the restaurant and go through the buffet, to the part with the warm meals. I am standing at the counter, waiting for them when they finished getting their food. When finished with my colleague, they move towards the counter and put their trays their. They both have a bowl with oven potatoes.)

Customer 1: ‘Wait, we have to get drinks first.’

(This annoys me a little bit, since this is not what the counter is meant for. Still, I put on my nicest face and wait while they walk back into the buffet to get some soda, which they do quite slowly. Then they get back to me in order to pay.)

Customer 1: ‘Where’s the mayonnaise?’

(Mayonnaise is being sold at the counter, for only 30 cents (euros) per cup.)

Customer 1: ‘What, not even for free? Whahaha!’

Customer 2: ’30 cents!? Ohhhh…. You gotta be kidding me!’

(I have met customers before who make a fuss over paying next to nothing for this, but these clearly are trying to be as annoying as possible. It’s evident that they do not care that much about the prize, but simply want to make noise. Their tone is simply to mediocre.)

Me: ‘I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do anything about that.’

Customer 1: (Big grin) ‘Really stupid, this.’

(They both take a cup of mayonnaise and pay for their food and drinks. Then they pick up their trays in order to walk to a table.)

Customer 2: ‘I’ll have one more on the house!’

(With a provocative face, he simply grabs one more cup of mayonnaise. I don’t act. First because I’m totally puzzled by their behaviour, then because these guys look like real trouble makers and I don’t want trouble. But when they have left the counter, my colleague from the warm buffet comes over to me.)

Colleague: ‘What did these two men say to you?’

Me: ‘They were making lots of trouble about the mayonnaise.’

Colleague: ‘They were really being jerks to me. At one point I even told them: “Now you’re going to behave, or you won’t get anything.”‘

(Later I heard the guys kept disbehaving. My colleague informed the management cadre about the guys and they were sent away from our restaurant.)

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