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I am a Team Manager who supervises a team of customer support agents. What follows is what I heard while listening to one of my agents. I entered the conversation at just the right time.

Customer: I demand compensation! I purchased [Very Popular Video Game] and now you have taken it away!

Agent: I can certainly understand your frustration here, sir. Please keep in mind that there was a pricing error that allowed you to get the game for free.

Customer: I don’t care if there was a pricing error or not! All I want is compensation!

Agent: If you don’t mind me asking, sir, what exactly are you expecting in forms of compensation?

(In instances where the customer/agent are going around in circles, it’s best to ask the customer what they are expecting us to do.)

Customer (now shouting): I paid good money for the game!! I expect a refund and compensation for the game!! I demand this be resolved today!!

Agent: As I have explained, you did not pay anything for the game. Due to the pricing error, you were not entitled to the game once the publisher realized the mistake.

Customer: I don’t care!! I demand compensation!!

Agent: Sir, at this point I have already explained there is no compensation to be given as no money exchanged hands. Do you have any other concerns — (Customer hung up at this point)

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