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I come back from break and see that a newer co-worker has left a note at the fitting room saying that a customer wants a pair of pants in a certain size, and would like us to call her when one comes in. I type the upc into my handheld scanner, and see the item is deleted, meaning that we won’t be getting more in. I call the number on the note, and an older-sounding male answers the phone, who I assume is her husband.
Me: Hello, may I please speak to (female customer)?
Husband: She’s not home right now.
Me: May I leave a message?
Husband: Sure
Me: This is (my name) from (store). She was wanting us to let her know when a pair of pants was coming in, but we won’t be getting any more in.
Husband: You’re from (Salon)?
Me: I’m from (retail store). I wanted to let her know that we won’t be getting any more of those pants in.
Husband: Ok, I’ll let her know you won’t be getting in any more of those sweaters.
Me, sighing: Thank you, sir

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