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So I’m a pharmacy tech working at a pharmacy in a grocery store and usually work the closing shifts during the week along with the other techs as we are all also in school. This happened to one of my coworkers not 5 minutes after he got there.
Patient: I’m here to pick up for [name]
Coworker: Okay let me go get that.
He searches the shelf and it’s not hanging up so he goes and looks it up in the computer.
Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am, it seems we are out of stock on that medication and won’t be able to fill it until tomorrow.
Patient: What!? Why didn’t you guys tell me before??? That medicine is very important I have to get it for my daughter! Why didn’t someone call me?
Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am someone should’ve called you I don’t know why they didn’t.
Patient: Well that’s very unprofessional of you!
She storms off and is heading toward the customer service desk when one of the day techs tells my coworker that she actually did call the number we have for the patient but it was disconnected. She then runs out after the patient with a pen and paper to explain the situation and get a new number. Later in the evening the patient called and asked the tech who answered to tell my coworker she was sorry she yelled at him. So not all raging customers are psychopaths! It was a good reminder :)