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(A man in a suit and briefcase approaches.)

Me: “What can I do for you?”

Man: “I need taxi. Now.”

(I ask for his room number, since the taxi company is booked that way.)

Man: “No! No! Don’t charge!”

(I explain that I won’t, and he calms down.)

Me: “Sir, your taxi should be here soon. In–”

Man: “How long? I’m very important! I have meetings!”

(I give him an estimate of 15 minutes, and I guess there’s traffic, because it takes a lot longer.)

Man: “Where taxi?! Where?!”

(I call them, and yep, there’s traffic. Meanwhile the man is flipping out and I’m trying to calm him…luckily, my shift ends and my coworker takes over. I explain what’s happening, and grab my stuff and clock out. As I leave for my car, I turn, and who’s pounding down the sidewalk right at me?)

Man: “You! Why you no call! Where’s taxi?! Where?!”

Me: “Sir, I’ve told you that it’ll be along any minute. Please go wait there.”

(With a humph, he storms off down the street, away from the hotel. I told my coworker what happened and went on with my day. I’ve had a lot a guests go crazy about taxis, but he was the craziest by far…)