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((I do not remember if I submitted this story or not. Please ignore if I already have)). I call this story “As Forteold By Prophetic Pizza”

I work closing shifts at a pizza place. Its’ not bad, I prefer it. You get the odd customer or traveller through though with interesting stories.

This nice older lady comes in – she was small, thin with sleepy eyes and long greying hair. Delicate looking. Very pleasant.

“You have great positive energy!” She compliments, after I’ve put her pie in the oven and started up cleaning again to earn my pay.

“Thanks! I try to keep busy!” I respond with a smile.

A few minutes later, after she keeps watching me, she asks “Do you trip a lot?”

This catches me off guard, and I think “Well, sometimes. I move too fast and I’ll trip over a line on the floor!” I joke.

A nod, and she falls silent again.

A few minutes later, her pie is ready. I box and cut it with an expert slide, and bring it to her to present at the counter (We do this to ensure it is correct and looks good).

“It looks great! you know, you are destined for great things, you have a great energy!”

“Thanks? ” I reply, a little startled.

She begins to head for the door “The world needs more people like you to KNOW this. Never forget it!” and she dissapeared into the night.