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I work at a very popular nationwide shoe store known for it’s low prices. Today we are slammed, and I’m busy on the floor checking up with customers. I notice a woman at the end of an aisle looking for a particular style.

Customer: Hi, I was wondering if you have this in a [size]?
Me: Sure thing. Let me run it up to the front and check!
(I get caught up conversing with another customer near the register. I continue and find that we don’t have the shoe in the size the original customer wants, and as I print out a list of nearby stores that do have what she’s looking for, everything falls dead silent as the sound of fifteen shoeboxes falling off the topstock of the shelves hit the very filled and busy aisles. I run back over and find the original customer standing on one of our benches with a box in her hand, and a radius of busted open boxes and shoes laying on the ground.)
Customer: Don’t worry, I found it! You should have everything on the shelves so people don’t have to do this!
(We have a special pole to get boxes off topstock, and no, it wasn’t the shoe she was looking for.)