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(I go to check on a customer and her daughter in one of our asiles.)

Customer: You don’t have very much selection here.
Me: Yes I’m sorry that size is pretty popular this year and we can’t seem to keep much stock.
Customer: No, you never have very much stock, its not just this size.
Me: Well if you do find something in another size that you like I can always check another store.
(I leave the customer alone in the aisle and go back to the check out counter. They arrive 10 minutes later with a cleareanced item, she is still pretty mad about us not having that much variety. And I proceed to ring the item up.)

Me: That will be (item amount). Are we paying with cash or card today?
Customer: Card
Me: Go ahead and slide when you’re ready or insert if it’s a chip.
Customer: (sliding card) The chip doesn’t work.
(Our reader requires you to insert chip cards, regardless if the chip works or not, once you’ve tried 3 times the reader will allow you to swipe the card. I try to explain this and she interupts me by inserting the card)
Me: Ok. Just insert it again and it’ll..
Customer: (angered, inserts card) I don’t know why you’re having me do this, it doesn’t work.
Me: I’m sorry it’ll just take a moment, I have no way to by-pass the process.
Customer: (inserts the card enough times so the reader asks to swipe the card, each time mumbling and fumbling so it takes even longer) I told you it doesn’t work. (Swipes card too fast for reader so reader prompts again).
Me: I apologize again but you’re going to have to contact your bank about the issue.
Customer’s Daughter: I like your shirt.
Me : Thank you sweetie
(Customer scowls at me and grabs the item, receipt and her daughter’s hand and storms out the door.)
Customer 2: (Wearing a shirt from a restaurant and watching this whole ordeal, smiles at me with a knowing look.)
Me: Don’t you just love retail sometimes.
Customer 2: (laughing)Yeah that’s why I work here!(indicates shirt)

When You Remember That Staff Are Human, Too

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On my way to the store’s computers to type in an order — during a very packed Sunday — I come across a customer complaining loudly to my manager.

Customer: “Your employees are so lazy. I’ve been here for an hour and all they do is fiddle around those computers! This is unacceptable!”

In our store, salesmen have to type in the customers’ orders so the guys in the back can bring in what the customers want. Everyone is busy typing in multiple orders from multiple customers.

Manager: “Do not worry. An available salesman should be with you very soon.”

Me: *Right on cue* “Good afternoon! I will attend you!”

Customer: “About time! I can’t believe it took you so long. Y’all should be fired.”

The customer rants and raves without even following me to the display area, while hurling more insults at my coworkers. I am losing my patience as I am already stressed out as it is.


The customer freezes in place and looks at me with a shocked face as if no one has talked to her like that before. After a couple of seconds of recovering:

Customer: “Don’t use that tone with me! I am a customer! I’m going to pay you with my money! I’m not trying to beg for gifts or anything!”

Realizing my mistake but still visibly angry, I give out what may seem like a very sarcastic smile and tone.

Me: “I apologize. Now, as I said… I will attend you.”

Customer: “You know what? I don’t want anything anymore! This store can go to h***.”

The customer stormed out angrily, my manager complimented me for getting rid of her — she was a known bad regular — and I went back to work.

Later, I found out that she came back with her husband, but not one of my coworkers wanted to take her order. One did eventually, but then, it turned out that we had run out of stock for what she wanted!

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You Might Have To Use More Than Ten Percent Of Your Brain Cells

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My partner bought a pair of new walking boots but they’re a bit on the small size so I take them — with the receipt — back to the shop to get them swapped for the next size up.

Clerk: “Yes, that’s no problem but there might be some extra to pay.”

I try to remember if they were on sale.

Clerk: “Because you used an armed forces discount on these and the trainers you bought, there’ll be a lower amount of discount on just these.”

I must look blank because she continues to try and explain.

Clerk: “See here, you bought these at £42 and a pair of trainers at £35, so you got a £7.70 armed forces discount. Because you’re only returning the boots, it’ll be less discount so you might have to pay more than £42.”

I realise that trying to explain that 10% is always going to be 10% is probably a waste of my time, oxygen, and patience.

Me: “That’s fine. Just ring it up and see how it comes out.”

The clerk rings up the exchange.

Clerk: “Oh… it came out the same.”

I smiled, took the receipt, and left before my remaining brain cells could commit suicide. The kicker is that I actually have mild dyscalculia and struggle with basic maths, but even I know that 10% is, in fact, always 10%.

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If You Walk A Mile In His Shoes… You’ll Be Braindead

, , | Right | June 1, 2020

My friend and I are out shopping together. We stop in the shoe department of one store as they are having a buy-one-get-one-half-price sale on all shoes.

A male and female customer near us are also browsing shoes.

Female Customer: *To the male customer* “What do you suppose that means?”

She points at the large sale signs everywhere. The male customer frowns and considers for several seconds.

Male Customer: “Well, I think it means if you buy one shoe—”

He holds up one shoe from a pair.

Male Customer: “—you only pay half price for the other.”

He held up the other shoe from the same pair. My friend and I just facepalmed.

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Sadly, This Conversation Is As Common As An Old Shoe

, , , | Right | May 20, 2020

Me: “Can I help you find something?”

Customer: “I’m looking for shoes for my child. He’s nine years old.”

Me: “Do you know what size he is?”

Customer: “No. What size should I get?”

Me: “There is no average, since children all grow at different rates. Have you brought your child with you? We could measure his feet.”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “So, what size shoes should I get?”

This conversation happens almost every day.

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