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(I work at a very popular toy store chain in the electronics department. One day I had a customer come in)

Customer: “Is anyone working over in the toy department?”
Me: *confused* “I’m sorry, which department?”
Customer: “The toy department. I need help in the toy department.”
Me: “Ma’am, the entire store is a toy department. It’s all we sell here.”
Customer: *getting angry* “Well I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “Which toys? We have boys’ toys, girls’ toys, babies’ toys, sports toys, learning toys, electronics…”
Customer: *frustrated* “I dunno! I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “What exactly are you needing help with?”
Customer: “I want a basket ball!”
Me: “That would be sports. I’ll direct you.”
(I took her to sports and she found a basket ball. Luckily I never saw her again.)

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