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, | Unfiltered | November 18, 2019

I was working the phone for billing and tech support for a major cell carrier. A caller called in stating her phone wasn’t working and she wanted it replaced. I asked her where she bought it and she said “Walmart.” I asking her “You realize you called my company, right?” Yes, you provide the service and I can’t use the service without a phone so I want you to replace my phone.” I told her I was sorry, but we couldn’t replace a phone purchase from a competing company but I could direct her to a service center where she could see if the phone could be serviced for a fee. If it was something to do with the network itself, or a connectivity issue, I could help her but otherwise she needed to go to a service center. She didn’t want to do that, still insisting I replace her phone. I told her she could try going back to Walmart with the receipt if it is still in warranty. She replied the phone was over 2 years old and she didn’t think Walmart would take it back. She is starting to curse at me, growing increasingly irate because I won’t replace her phone. She then wanted a “loaner” phone, something we haven’t provided in years. When told that wasn’t available, she then wanted an entire month’s credit because she couldn’t use her phone. I explained she was under contract for us to provide the service and as long as there was nothing wrong with the service itself, I can’t provide a credit. It is her responsibility to provide the equipment required to use that service. She colorfully disagreed. Frustrated myself and well into 30 minutes into the call I tried another example. I asked her if she had cable TV, she replied she did. I asked her what would happen if her TV broke. She said she would go buy a new TV. I said exactly, you don’t call your cable company wanting them to buy you a new TV and you don’t call them wanting credit after they tell you they will not replace your tv. She asked for a supervisor because I was rude.