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(I’m a seasonal at a well-known department store. I usually float around departments, and I haven’t been working for very long yet, so generally my knowledge on the department I’m working in that day is very limited. I was the only person in this specific area – aside from another seasonal who was on her way back from lunch – and I had to help a lot of customers at the register, so I hadn’t checked the fitting rooms in a while. I had just finished ringing up a customer as she came back. I figured I should check the fitting rooms now that she was there to tend to the register.

Everything seemed to be going normally. I walked into another fitting room and generally nothing looked out of the ordinary – there were a few items hung out on the hook, and in the corner of the room was a crumpled up brown to-go bag from [fast food chain]. There was what appeared to be a grease spot on the bag and I figured someone didn’t want to finish their burger and didn’t feel like walking a few feet to throw it away at the register. Still a little bit grossed out, I grabbed the cleanest part of the bag with the tips of my fingers, carried the items from the hook out, and walked out of the fitting rooms.)

Seasonal: *seeing the bag* “What IS that?!”

Me: “I don’t even know if I want to know.” *throws it in the garbage, then hangs the items on the rack to be put in the right section.*

Seasonal: *checks the clothes that I had just placed the rack, and pulls out a pair of dirty grey leggings.* “What is this?! This isn’t ours!”

Me: *confused* “I found it hanging in the fitting room. Maybe someone decided they didn’t want it anymore and just left their old clothes here?”

Seasonal: “It smells horrible! And look, it’s even got a doo-doo stain!” *points at a spot on the leggings.*

(I came closer to see and I didn’t see anything that really resembled a poop stain at all. There were what appeared to be pink stains from a felt marker, and general scuff marks.)

Me: *still confused, not seeing the doo-doo stain* “Uh… Wow, that’s weird.”

Seasonal: *throwing the leggings in the garbage* “Oh my god… [my name], I think you should wash your hands.” *removing the trash bag* “UGH, this smells DISGUSTING!” *leaves*

(I had no idea what to think or feel at this point. I didn’t notice the smell or the stain so I didn’t know what to expect at all. The seasonal came back and found out that someone had pooped in the fitting room and wiped her butt with an unpaid item from the juniors section. On the bright side of things, the culprit was courteous enough to poop into a fast food to-go bag for easy disposal.)