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(There’s a cashier at my local grocery store who looks just like the lead singer from my favorite band, I won’t reveal the band’s name, but they’re Australian and are mostly popular with teenage girls. Anyway, my mom and I are frequent customers in his check out line. It’s at the point where we know each other by first name, my mom and I get in his line)

Cashier: “Well hey, [My name].” *smiles*

Me: “Hi [His name].”

Cashier: “So, how are you?”

Mom: “I’m good. How about you?”

Cashier: “I’m okay, I guess.”

(It should probably be noted that there is suspicion that he likes me, while I have a massive crush on him.)

Cashier: *glances at me and smiles*

Me: *blushes, turns my head so he can’t see my face, but I can see him*

(He sits there looking at me for a few minutes, smiling)

Bag Boy: “Um…[His name]? You alright bud?”

Cashier: “Hmm.? Oh, right. Yeah, I’m fine.” *continues scanning items* “I’m just fine.”